Does African Mango Really Work? A Complete Guide How and Why African Mango Works

After being recommended on the highly popular Dr Oz show, African Mango supplement has attracted a huge amount of attention. The interest around the African Mango was fuelled by clinical, randomized studies which showed that overweight individuals who took the African Mango extract lost on average 5 – 10 pounds more than those given a placebo. This was achieved while making no changes to diet or lifestyle.

While the weight loss benefits derived from African Mango maybe new to many westerners, it has been used by the Cameroon people to sate appetite and maintain a healthy physique for centuries. Does African Mango really work and if so why it is able to induce such radical, short term weight loss? You will also find a complete description of the science behind the African Mango, so that you can decide whether it is the right choice for you.

Finally we will show you the best place to purchase African Mango for yourself if you decide you want to enjoy the benefits of this weight loss supplement.

banner4056An Overview of African Mango

African Mango, more properly known as Irvingia Gabonensis, is a brightly colored tropical fruit which has been consumed by the natives of the Cameroon region of West Africa. The seeds of the African Mango known as ugiri are crushed and ground and used in the soup and stews of the Cameroon people. In addition it is used in the preparation of the “Dika” bread. The African Mango is also used as a traditional medicine, with the extract of the bark used to relieve pain.

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The reason that African Mango is added to so many dishes by the Cameroon people is because it supresses the appetite. This means that you need to eat less food in order to feel full. It was the slim physique of the people the Cameroon which originally captured the attention of scientific community. Extensive studies revealed the link between the extract of the African Mango and the good health and slim physiques that was typical of the people of the Cameroon.

How Does African Mango Work?

In simple terms African Mango helps us to lose weight because it makes us feel fuller sooner consequently preventing overeating and because it improves the ability of the body to convert stored fat into energy.

To understand the science behind why this works we need to know a little about a hormone called Leptin. Leptin, which comes from the Greek word Leptos which means thin, is a protein hormone produced by the body which regulates our energy intake and expenditure. This includes our appetite and our metabolism.

In a normal healthy human when we eat the body naturally produces Leptin, which tells the brain that we are full and we can stop eating. With people who consistently over eat the body becomes flooded with Leptin. Over time overweight people develop a resistance to Leptin, so that it is no longer able to perform its very important function of weight control.

What African Mango does is enable the body to respond naturally to Leptin once again. Thanks to African Mango extract, when you eat you start to feel full sooner, which in turn prevents over eating. Leptin also allows your body to efficiently convert stored body fat into energy, which also assists with weight loss.

Does African Mango Really Work?

There have been numerous scientific studies conducted on the effects of African Mango on weight loss. One of the most influential were conducted by professors at the University of Yaoude in the Cameroon. This study looked at a group of overweight women and men who were given the African Mango extract over a period of 28 days. At the end of this period the average participant lost 12.3 pounds and 2 inches off of their waistline. This was the equivalent of 5.3% of the users total body weight.

Where Can I Purchase African Mango

If you are ready to enjoy the weight loss benefits of African Mango then you are probably wondering, where is the best place to purchase the supplement? It is important when purchasing African Mango that you are buying a supplement which contains pure African Mango Extract. Some companies label their product as African Mango but use a highly diluted formulation.

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We recommend that if you want to buy African Mango that you use African Mango Plus. Each of the capsules contains 150mg of pure African Mango Extract and comes with an extensive 90 day money back guarantee. You should notice discernible weight loss within the first 30 days of using African Mango Plus and so this gives you plenty of time to see the results for yourself. African Mango Plus is also one of the best known and most highly regarded names in the nutritional industry.

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